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Darren bousman had heard him sing in the buffy the vampire slayer 6th season ep. Anthony head stars as nathan wallace repo man and alexa vega stars as shilo wallace in lions gate films repo. The genetic opera is a 2008 american horrorrock opera musical film directed by darren lynn bousman. The genetic opera is a 2008 american science fiction, gothic rock musical horror film directed by darren lynn bousman with a soundtrack produced by jap. Repo the genetic opera is, ultimately, deeply stupid, boiling down to a the plot, which has more holes than cohesion and b the lyrics, which are just about the worst lyrics ive ever heard sung. With paul sorvino, anthony head, alexa penavega, sarah brightman. It takes me back to watching the movie, only now i know all the. The genetic opera 2008 445 the devils carnival movies 10. And that plus bousmans good standing with lionsgate. Say that you once bought a heart or new corneas, but somehow never managed to square away your debts. Paul sorvino, paris hilton, bill moseley, anthony head, alexa vega, dean armstrong, nina bergman, sarah brightman 2008, 98 minutes, directed by. The genetic opera has gained in both guts and gusto.

A worldwide epidemic encourages a biotech company to launch an organfinancing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. The film is based on the 2002 play, the necromerchants debt and the 2002 musical also named repo. The genetic opera 2008 in the mid21st century, an epidemic of organ failures leads to the rise of geneco. The genetic opera you might like similar movies the devils carnival, little shop of horrors, the rocky horror picture show, tank girl, queen of the damned. Soundtrack to the 2004 rock opera by darren smith and terrance zdunich. See more ideas about repo the genetic opera, opera and genetics. Repo out from the night, from the mist, steps the figure. In 2006, we had the opportunity to film a 10minute short film of repo, directed by. One of our 10 minute operas, the necromerchants debt the story of a futuristic graverobber is the tale that evolved into repo. I cut out the second half and shortened it down to under a minute this time around. After turning the role down, she was shown the eight minute short film by leigh whannell and james wan and changed her mind after the role was offered to her a second time.

By the year 2056, an epidemic of organ failures has devastated the planet. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. The genetic opera to petition lionsgate for a sequel. The genetic opera cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. The genetic opera has been one of my favorite movies ever since my mom had me watch it many years ago. Repo is a mesmerizing film but the music is truly unforgetable. See more ideas about rock opera, musical film, american horror.

Also paris hilton is in this, the last time i saw her in a horror movie was her brief cameo in the car in the hat. After years of being performed as a stage play, repo. The genetic opera is trying to put a 21stcentury spin on the goofy, giddy operatic style of the rocky horror picture show, this movie is gory and grisly where its inspiration is campy and clever. But the songs arent particularly memorable, and while repo. The genetic opera has been working on a thematic followup to repo titled the devils carnival, a 55 minute musical set in hell. The genetic opera is a 2008 american science fiction, gothic rock musical horror film. Then, zdunich and smith had founded the galler, a twoperson performance troupe that specialized in 10 minute operas. The genetic opera is a rockopera slasher film based on a short play by darren smith and terrance zdunich. Based on the 2002 musical of the same name, which was written and composed by darren smith and terrance zdunich, the film stars alexa vega, paul sorvino, anthony stewart head, sarah brightman. As it has evolved from a 10minute cabaret piece, through a short film bousman made in toronto, to the big screen, repo. Original motion picture soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2008 rock opera horrorpostapocalyptic science fiction film of the same name.

Im infected im infected, by your genetics shiloh im the doctor shiloh im your father oh shiloh that was close take your med. The genetic opera genetic repo man by ninskinnypuppy. The genetic opera things you see in a graveyard by ninskinnypuppy. Also, while luigis murderer status is played for laughs, pavis rapist status is notably kept offscreen. This movie is one of my favorites because even though there are a lot of songs in it, it has an amazing story line and a lot of unexpected plot twists that you would not expect. It has been likened to sweeney todd and rocky horror picture show, and stars sarah brightman, anthony stewart head of buffy, ogre from the band skinny puppy, paul sorvino and paris hilton. As it has evolved from a 10 minute cabaret piece, through a short film bousman made in toronto, to the big screen, repo. The genetic opera has its roots all the way back to 1999. As it has evolved from a 10minute cabaret piece, through a short film bousman made. It was directed by darren lynn bousman saw iii and starred alexa vega, sarah brightman, anthony stewart head, and more. One of those 10 minute operas was entitled the necromerchants debt, which was first performed in may 2000 the popularity of the short version meant that the duo quickly worked to expand it into a full opera. The genetic opera anthony head alexa penavega paul sorvino 2008 a worldwide epidemic allows a biotech company to manage an organfinancing program that allows it to foreclose on and harvest human body parts.

A biotech company called geneco will however offer organ transplants. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. It is a musical combined with horror, action, and romance. The genetic opera is a 2008 american science fiction, citation needed gothic rock musical horror film directed by darren lynn bousman with a soundtrack produced by japanese rock star yoshiki.

The entire album is in the form of a rock opera, where every song is part of the same story. Paul sorvino is perfectly casted as the even rotti. The genetic opera, as lucifer in the devils carnival films, and mister tender. The genetic opera will finally be unleashed on november 7, 2008. Zdunich, bousman and smith put together a tenminute short film of repo.

If you like rocky horror, little shop, or that episode of buffy that was all song. Even luigi looks disgusted when he sees pavi hit on shilo near the climax. The genetic opera, which were written and composed by darren smith and terrance zdunich. Terrance zdunich is a gifted composer and storyteller. Receiving the financing in such a way, the creators started adaptation of the production. We accept donations year round, so if you havent donated yet, theres still time to add your support. The first adaption from stage to screen was a tenminute trailer made by darren. Produced and directed by the creative team behind the saw franchise. In 2001 darren smith and i assembled a small group of actors and musicians, and began performing repo as 45 minute sets at clubs. It is produced by lionsgate films and was released to selected theaters in november 2008. Repo the genetic opera is a breath of fresh air in a stale world of horror movie copy cats. The megacorporation geneco provides organ transplants on a payment plan and those who.

In 2006, smith made an appearance in the ten minute short film trailer repo. You have weak lungs, like many people in this world, but you refuse to submit to genecos medical tyranny and, as such, youre surviving off of medication and willpower alone. Darren lynn bousman fifty years from now a worldwide epidemic of organ failures will devastate the planet. The genetic opera original soundtrack on allmusic 2008. He is most known for his role as graverobber in repo. By fusing the rocky horror picture show and blade runner, this unique production will modernize the rock opera genre with original music and rich, dark production design.

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