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The first edition of the novel was published in 1937, and was written by kenneth roberts. Into the northwest passage and out of the northwest passage magenta expeditions map. The northwest passage is one of canadas most exciting chapters of discovery, history and exploration. The eastern route along the arctic coasts of norway and siberia is accordingly called the northeast passage nep. Told through the eyes of primary character langdon towne, much of the novel follows the exploits and character of robert rogers, the leader of rogers rangers, who were a colonial force fighting with the british during the french and indian war structurally, northwest passage is divided into halves. Contrary to most history books, mackenzie did find the northwest passage on his. The novel follows the tumultuous career of major robert rogers, who set a high standard in adapting to the indian way of fighting in the wilds of what would become upstate new york and eastern canada. The map at the top of this page shows possible routes through the northwest passage. Pdf northwest passage book by kenneth roberts free. Over the last decade global warming has opened this fabled passage in late summer for freight and for bold tourists.

Northwest passage, water routes through the arctic archipelago, n canada, and along the northern coast of alaska between the pacific and atlantic oceans. The story is centered around charles lord, a semifamous adventurer who basically got moved to desk duty of governing the fort for years, but plans to seek the titular fabled water route through. For hundreds of years explorers attempted to find the northwest passage a route through canadas northern waters to the pacific ocean and. There is no shortage of books on the exploration of the northwest passage, so can there really be a story left untold.

Starting with a twoday crossing from greenland to canada, wed be following the path of john franklin, the british explorer who, in the spring of 1845, set sail for the northwest passage with. Northwest passage is a book based upon the famous canadian song northwest passage. Matt james rediscovers the northwest passage groundwood books. The northwest passage is an icechoked waterway with spectacular landscapes and a powerful history of naval endeavour. Northwest passage, set in the french and indian war, seems not to have aged as well, but is available and worthwhile in used condition. We specialize in fiction and nonfiction by authors with an academic background in philosophy and the. In 1789, the northwest corner of the continent represented one of the. List of books and articles about northwest passage online.

Free download or read online northwest passage pdf epub book. The northwest passage spans roughly 900 miles from the north atlantic north of canada s baffin island in the east to the beaufort sea north of the u. Canadas icebound northwest territories to find a route to the pacific. The northwest passage nwp is the sea route to the pacific ocean through the arctic ocean, along the northern coast of north america via waterways through the canadian arctic archipelago. List of books and articles about northwest passage. Every day is a new adventure in the northwest passage. The northwest passage is a famed sea route from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean through a group of sparsely populated canadian islands known as the arctic archipelago. The northwest passage is a sea corridor through canadas arctic archipelago and along the northern coast of north america. The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 709 pages and is available in paperback format. Northwest passage is an historical novel by kenneth roberts, published in 1937. The main characters of this historical, historical fiction story are langdon towne, cap huff. Ships traveling west would enter the passage through baffin bay, pass through the canadian arctic archipelago by various routes, exit into the beaufort sea and then out into the pacific ocean through the chukchi sea and bering sea.

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